Why you should Join Coinway

At Coinway Group of companies, we want to help people with their biggest problem: where to invest their finance with safety?

Great Speakers

Investors want to know more about how to invest, where to invest with caution and to learn market trends better.


New People

Coinway provides an array of options and services to make their investors feel assured in making informed decisions about their financial funds.



They are looking for transparency and secure trade deals. They need to know the right time to sell and buy.


Have Fun

The Coinway Group of companies, located in Kochi and Dubai, has Mr. Sulfikker as its CEO, heading its operations from its inception.



Our purpose is to guide our investors in how to trade and invest with ease of mind and confidence in digital and traditional assets. We offer the highest quality of service in all the projects undertaken and also ensure to give back to most deserving in our society.


A financial world that offers secure trading and fund transactions for all. In five years, we wish to open offices in major metro cities in India and major international cities across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Our Uniqueness

Maketing Strategy

Unique marketing strategy that leads our visitors into customer and thus giving wide range of benefit to new users.

Investment Planning

With a future secure planning where we put all moneys that gives most benefit to our users also another uniqueness of us.

Stable Career

Giving a well planned stable career that will bring your life with full of joy and prosperity. You can either take it as full time career or just hobby